Top 20 Releases From 2019 [Part 3]

Part 3: The instrumental/beat tape edition…

Top 5 Instrumental Albums/EPs 2019

This one is definitely in my top 5 releases overall. May be even top 3.
junior state is a mysterious producer duo, not too much is known about the two. There are rumors that it consists of KRANE and B.Lewis, but those rumors have yet to be confirmed. And doesn’t really matter anyway, it’s the music that counts. And trust me when I tell you: it’s beautiful.

Los Angeles by the way of Seoul producer slom really flexed his skills with this EP. It perfectly displays his diversity: From 90’s boom bap to modern lo-fi hip-hop to R&B to funk – slom does it all seamlessly. The perfect Sunday morning soundtrack, and clearly a producer to keep an eye/ear on.

West Coast sound made in Germany. And while The Breed is best known for his G-Funk-influenced sound, it’s seemingly uncharted territory for Shuko. But like the seasoned producer he is, of course he pulled it off: The whole album sounds like vintage late 90’s/early 00’s G-Funk straight outta Cali. As a cherry on top, the lone vocal song features none other than L.A. legends MC Eiht and King Tee. Summertime vibes guaranteed.

California’s dilip really surprised me with this project! More known for his future bass and trap productions, he traded in his 808’s and synths for more jazzy and lo-fi hip-hop sounds. Even the aforementioned slom appears as co-producer on one of the songs, which often sound like sketches, barely longer than 2 minutes. Short but sweet smoothness.

Rhode Island’s araabMUZIK is always a force to reckon with. This EP further cements his status as the „MVP of the MPC“. It also feels like a „back to the roots“ araab project, as there are no EDM influences on this one, but just 6 super hard hittin’ beats.
Screw face music to break ya neck to.

Honorable Mentions


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